About us

Brick Planet (formerly BLOX City) started in January of 2016 when co-founders Isaac and Mark teamed up to build a creative gaming platform. They set their sights out to build a platform where users could create and share content with other users around the world with ease. From creating epic games to designing trendy clothing, we believe every adolescent has a place to show with their skills on our platform.

The company was founded and is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, known as America's fastest growing tech city (CBS, 2017). We employ staff members from all over the US and the world. As a growing startup in early growth stages, we prefer to move fast and develop our platform parallel to our users's preferences. And, we intend on keeping that motto for the future.

Our goal is to develop a platform where adolescents can enjoy an entertaining platform of games and content, all of which is user generated content. Once our platform is fully developed, we can provide necessary resources to help users (of any age) build and script games ‐ enabling young kids interested in programming or engineering to get a head start. Users also have the ability to create their own clothing for virtual avatars, which attracts artistic people to the platform. From creating ad campaigns to trading virtual items between users, Brick Planet is collectively ran by users that play the platform.